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We are committed to providing innovative solutions that transform great ideas into real experiences.

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Full-stack AI solution

Unlike other software-only AI solutions, we are providing a full-stack AI solution that is optimized from silicon to application. We has achieved high-speed low-power AI solution even for mobile devices. AI is no longer the preserve of super-computer owners.

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Smart Machine

While other smart machines are designed to support human actions, we also help decision-making based on Machine Learning algorithms. We tightly integrate with our AI System-on-Chip platform, so the smart machine secretary would enhance our life.

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Natural UI/UX

Beyond the physical contact devices for interaction with machine. There's no need to equip special sensor. We have realized real-time multimodal UI/UX solution combining speech and gesture into Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) for wearable devices.

K-Glass series

K-Glass is a stand-alone AR(Augmented Reality) glass solution that doesn not require an external processing device or computer.


K-Glass 1 (2014)


K-Glass 2 (2015)


K-Glass 3 (2016)

Started from KAIST, we have developed the K-glass solutions for more than 3 years. UXFACTORY's solutions enable the true wearable devices based on powerful SoC technologies.

Ai-System Product


AI-Camera Board

AI Camera Development Board



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Co-Founder, Technical Advisor


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